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A Different Kind of Company:

Richter Realty Group, Inc and Richter Insurance and Investment Corp. are independent, family-owned group of companies based in one of the biggest suburbs of Chicago, and we have the privilege of serving the city of Chicago and its suburbs with over 20 years of experience in the areas or real estate, lending, insurance, and investment.

In this age of consolidation and big corporate giants, we are proud to have
maintained our unique company culture – one where we embrace a family-like
approach and share a deep commitment to our core values of integrity,
professionalism and superior service. Our success and the loyalty of our
clients suggests we’ve struck the perfect balance…. We’re small enough to
provide the exceptional service, expertise and personal touch you’d expect
from an independent boutique, yet - with agents representing most of
Chicago's communities we’re large enough to provide a high quality alternative
to our more corporate competitors.

We have also perfected an environment where we can assist our clients with
larger goals in mind. Having the experience and expertise to provide not only
real estate advice, but also with regards to personal and business lending, insurance, as well as, retirement and investment matters, we are able to put
our clients on a straight path toward a future they have envisioned for themselves and our consultations continue long after any one deal or transaction has completed.

That’s what makes us different.

Formula For Success:

Best People
We have a team of highly qualified, experienced sales agents and financial
experts who have a proven track records and a reputation for truly putting their clients’ interests first. Our professionals take pride in their affiliation with
our company and our commitment to integrity. We have a common belief that client relationships should be built on trust. Sometimes being a good agent or loan officer means telling your client when it’s not in their best interest to buy or sell. Our agents and loan officers are not afraid to give you that advice when that’s the case. That may be why so many of our clients view us not just as service provdiers, but also as trusted friends.

Innovative Marketing
A good marketing plan can make a big difference to a seller, and we take the
marketing process very seriously. While other, more corporate firms may
take a “one size fits all” approach, our philosophy is that a successful
marketing plan must be carefully tailored for your particular property. That’s
part of the personal touch that we strive to provide. We also believe that our
graphic design and marketing resources set us apart from our competitors and
enables us to consistently produce exceptional marketing materials that have a high impact and achieve superior results.

Community Outreach
At the Richter Group of Companies, we take pride in our communities and believe in giving back to the cities we serve. Throughout our history, we have actively supported a variety of community efforts and charitable organizations. If you have a community, charitable, educational or artistic cause you feel passionate about, we’d be happy to talk to you about opening our doors to host your meetings or fundraising events as well.

We’ve developed an extensive network of resources to assist our clients.
Whether you need an architect, a financing advisor or just a handyman, our
professional contacts provide yet another way for us to deliver exceptional service with a personal touch.


Management Team

Alan Richter - Alan has over 20 years of experience in real estate including sales, finance, and office management. Alan’s sales and professional management expertise covers a wide range of business, finance and real estate transactions, which he brings to the table as the manager of the company’s business operations, risk management and legal affairs. Alan's official role is that of the President of Richter Realty and Financial Services Companies.

   351 W Dundee Road, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089